Hey pILLOWpeeps!

We know, it’s been awhile since we’ve said hello on this thing. So hey to you all! Our year started out with a kick off show at Mercury Lounge in NYC. Basically, we’re doing at least a new song every show to test new material (and get these sonics off our chests to the people) for the upcoming new reelase. Don’t want to disclose a date or time when this will be released yet. Just writing and playing it as it lays but you’ll receive more details as this takes more shape along the journey. Thanks to all who represented at Mercury that cold Winter night. You’re the best and we had a blast thanks to you!

Next, Kelsey will be performing a few solo shows at SXSW in Austin next week. More details sooner than later. He’ll be back in NYC just in time for the next full band pILLOW show at PIANOS on the Lower East Side. This is an album release party for their friends Disparager! Get in thy building.

We’ll be hitting a city near you late Spring, early Summer for the Incognegro Tour 2014! If you want us in your area, holla at us or the coolest club of your choice. See ya soon and thank you always for your support!

pT 3/3/14

Hey pILLOWpeeps,
Miss you all much. Haven’t played a lot of shows here and not on the road but we’re so busy behind the scenes, it’s difficult to plan a lunch break these days! Lots of writing and going back and forth over new material in and out of the studio. Here’s what’s going down on the live front within a week.
Kelsey plays a special solo set for the CBGB Festival tonight Thursday October 10 at National Underground, 8pm. 159 East Houston Street, NYC. Expect stripped down pILLOW favorites and other gems pulled out of his hat :)
The full band return for an exclusive FREE Happy Hour CMJ showcase at Bowery Electric this WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 16 at 5pm. Yes it’s free and we hit stage at 5:15pm just in time for you to leave your job and take advantage of a much needed Happy Hour drink with us. More new songs to penetrate your ear, including the increasingly popular “Baby Making Heels” track (one new one passing the test). 327 Bowery at 2nd Street in money Making Manhattan. This is probably going to be our last NYC performance of the year so come now or hold your breath until 2014.
Thank you all for your support always.

Hey pILLOWpeeps,

We’re looking forward to seeing you tomorrow Tuesday May 28 at Mercury Lounge for our first show in quite sometime. 




Mercury Lounge

217 East Houston St NYC



21 & over

Thank you all for being awesome and supporting!  Great surprises coming this Summer and Fall!  See your arse at the venue!

Just in case you missed the update, the songs in our MUSIC section on http://facebook.com/pillowtheory are FREE, for awhile at least. Take advantage while you can. There’s also the option of buying music from our latest album, Meltdown on https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/meltdown/id568496658 and internet stores that are cool of course. No this is not an April Fool’s joke. You’re welcome!

Hey pILLOWpeeps,
Been awhile, missing you all and the stage so much! Bless those who attended our last show in January at The Studio/Webster Hall in NYC with some awesome old friends on the bill (Alex Kelly of course) and new ones too (yeah Dynasty Electric, Jadex & peeps). Since then Kelsey and Danos have been in the lab working on new material, Joaquin has been traveling and Bill has been spreading his drum love all over NYC and Boston. We’re hibernating but still busy behind the scenes.
We’ll return to the venues in a few months with some new sonic goodies for you! Yes Brooklyn, we will be playing the NORTHSIDE FESTIVAL 2013 in June which we’re excited about. Expect some cool treats between now and then. Gearing up for a Summer fun tour as well. Check out our Twitter & Facebook pages for more updates and everything you need to know regarding pILLOW.
You all rule!

NEW Deluxe Edition Of Our MELTDOWN Release is Available NOW!!!
Our Meltdown EP was originally self released last year, 2011. The Filter label now presents the new deluxe edition of Meltdown with extra songs, new art and enhanced sound. 
Kelsey, Slim Willy & Ron St Germain were behind production for the original. The new release also welcomes the sonics of Emanuel Ruffler better known as Rufftone (“Subway”), Mike Genato of RVRS:PLAY (“Miscommunication”) and Denise Barbarita (“Subway” & “Miscommunication”). Longtime pILLOW drum soldier Scott Garapolo plays on “Miscommunication” and Rich Kulsar plays on “Subway”. Pascal Schonegg is the man responsible for the awesome new cover art!
We wanted to get this out before the holiday for you so here it is! Grab it here:
Thank you all for making this happen. We’re working on more new material so expect another pILLOW release in 2013.  See you on the road!

Source itunes.apple.com

Hey pILLOWfreaks!

Here’s what’s going down in our camp this week and month.  First, Kelsey will be lending his voice to the BAD BRAINS tribute TONIGHT, Election Day Tuesday November 6 at Bowery Electric on the Lower East Side.  Great band (Vernon Reid of Living Colour, Mackie of Cro-Mags, Melvin Gibbs)  and an awesome line up of revolving vocalists: Jesse Leach of Killswitch Engage, Kyp Malone of TV On The Radio, Jesse Malin, H.R. himself of Bad Brains and many surprise guests!  Proceeds will benefit Amnesty International, American Red Cross & Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund. 7PM showtime, tickets are $15 and the event is 21 & over.  327 Bowery @ E 2nd. http://www.theboweryelectric.com/
The pILLOW tHEORY & ALEX KELLY Orange Meltdown tour begins this weekend!
November 11 Somerville MA
November 12 Providence RI
November 13 Raleigh NC
November 14 Long Branch NJ
November 15 Philadelphia PA
Spread the word and tell a friend in the previous mentioned cties!  The second leg of Orange Meltdown will take place in December where we will both end our tour and rockin year at Mercury Lounge in NYC on December 16.  Check out Alex at www.alexkellymusic.com and BUY her latest release, Orange Circle!  Yes we said buy!
Just announced!! pILLOW will be back for a FREE all ages Brooklyn show at BAM Cafe on Saturday November 17 at 9PM!  We would love to see you there.
Two days after the Brooklyn show, the Filter label will re-release our 2011 EP MELTDOWN on Monday NOVEMBER 19.  It is now a full length album with extra tracks, new masters, new cover art and overall PMA (positive mental attiude).  Preview samples and pre-order here:
"Like" us on www.facebook.com/pillowtheory and “follow” us on www.twitter.com/pillowtheory for more information, giveaways and updates on the Meltdown re-release and all things pT.
pILLOWheads we love you and always appreciate your support.  Without that, we wouldn’t be able to release our crazy music for your eardrums.
NYC standup! 
Always Sincere

Hey pILLOWpeeps!

Hope your weekend is off to a good start. Taking a break from writing now to let you know what’s next on the live front! Next week, CMJ takes over NYC once again and we’ll be representing at the BOWERY ELECTRIC’s Map Room Thursday October 18th! There’s an open bar from 9-10pm to celebrate and the concert is FREE for everyone. Free show and booze…why would you want to miss this? http://www.theboweryelectric.com/

Next month we’re back in the van, this time with ALEX KELLY for our ORANGE MELTDOWN tour. Both groups will be touring together to terrorize y’alls neighborhood, well at least the following:

November 11…Somerville MA

November 12…Providence RI

November 13…Raleigh NC

November 14…Long Branch NJ

November 15…Philadelphia PA

The second leg of Orange Meltdown will take place in December so we may hit your area soon. In fact, let us know if you want us to invade (via here, Twitter and/or Facebook) and we probably will! Can’t wait to bleed again for ya! Miss you gals and guys.



Yep, that’s rockin right!  Both groups will join forces together to bring the ruckus in the NE this November.  Stay tuned for dates, details and fun stuff to follow!
Check out Alex Kelly at www.alexkellymusic.com and find us both on Facebook & Twitter!
See ya at the club!


Yep, that’s rockin right!  Both groups will join forces together to bring the ruckus in the NE this November.  Stay tuned for dates, details and fun stuff to follow!

Check out Alex Kelly at www.alexkellymusic.com and find us both on Facebook & Twitter!

See ya at the club!


Hey pILLOWfreaks

Thank you so much for your support and good vibes this summer.  Haven’t been here for awhile so let’s play catch up.

If you attended the BAM, Gibson and multiple Mercury Lounge performances in NYC then we appreciate your presence!  If not, then we hope to see you at our CMJ showcase at Bowery Electric in October.   

At the last Mercury show 2 weeks ago we performed some new material so you know what that means…Yes, we’re gearing up for a new album to be released next year.  But before that, our critically acclaimed EP MELTDOWN will be re-released November 5th via Europe’s FILTER label with some extra spices on it.  We are so looking forward to this and hope that you are too.  FILTER recently released electro sensation LITTLE BIRDS’s new single and EP with remixes of “THE STRUGGLE OF DISTANCE” featuring pILLOW’s Kelsey on vocals.  You can find that on iTunes and pretty much any cool internet store of your liking.

Shortly after the release we will hit the NE for a short tour which we haven’t done in awhile.  Definitely looking forward to invading your city!  Until then, be on the lookout for sporadic solo Kelsey shows like the upcoming one in Harlem at SHRINE on Labor Day.  Kristi Martel is also on the bill.  Shes sounds lovely!!!

You’re up to date.  See you this Fall.  Looking forward to getting banned in your area and having some fun!!!  You gals & guys are the absolute best!

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